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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Jacko Late Again, Jennifer Aniston Speaks, Tracey Gold on Probation

Jackson Late to Court Again
Michael Jackson isn't looking too good at his trial -- some sources say he even appeared to be crying yesterday. Jackson showed up disheveled, shaky and accompanied by a person in hospital scrubs. He was five minutes late to court and supported by aides as he took his seat. There was a 45-minute delay as Jackson left the courtroom for a rest room and the judge met in his chambers with the lawyers and doctor. Jackson then returned to his seat. Last week, Jackson said he had a back ailment, and yesterday he told reporters, "I'm very much hurt. I'm in pain. I'm in pain." During yesterday's testimony, a flight attendant told the jury that Jackson gave her standing orders to serve him wine in Diet Coke cans when he took charter flights. But she did say she never saw children drunk on the flights.

Jennifer Aniston Speaks!
Jennifer Aniston is breaking her silence. The actress told Access Hollywood that she is weathering the storm of press about her split with Brad Pitt. "There is always going to be the tough and the nasty. You just tune out to that," she said. She also said that she does feel plenty of compassion out there: "There has been so much love and support." She was honored at biz convention ShoWest, where she also spoke about her upcoming films, Rumor Has It with Kevin Costner and Derailed with hunky Clive Owen.

Tracey Gold on Probation
Former Growing Pains star Tracey Gold is now going through legal pains. The actress lost her driver's license and was sentenced to probation and 240 hours of community service after a DUI arrest in 2004. She tearfully pled guilty two months ago. She now has three years of probation and 30 days of work release in addition to the community service. Her hubby and two of her sons were injured in the SUV accident. The sentence could have been worse, and Gold helped her case by showing remorse in the press recently. She told Larry King in January, "I never, ever should have been driving that night, and it was a horrible, horrible, horrible decision."

Blabber Bits

  • Forgive us for being TV obsessed. But there's a trio of interesting stories about some of our favorite shows. The New York Observer overanalyzes The O.C. Ricky Gervais endorses the American version of The Office. And Arrested Development is in danger of being cancelled. Say it ain't so, Jason Bateman!

  • One of our favorite comedians, Janeane Garofalo, is heading to NBC. She'll star in a pilot called All In, about a single mom who's also a Las Vegas poker champ.

  • Rapper Nas had a concert in London cut short after gunshots were fired, but nobody was hurt.

  • Legendary cabaret singer Bobby Short died of leukemia Monday at the age of 80. He'd been playing at Manhattan's Carlyle Hotel for more than 35 years.

  • We reported earlier that Pat O'Brien has entered alcohol rehab. But the New York Daily News is speculating that the move is only to detract attention from explicit voice mail messages in which O'Brien allegedly solicited sex from an unknown woman. O'Brien is a married man and a dad.

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